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SW RhinoPro-J

SW RhinoPro-J
SW RhinoPro-J SW RhinoPro-J SW RhinoPro-J SW RhinoPro-J SW RhinoPro-J SW RhinoPro-J

RhinoPRO-J is a new plug-in for Rhino 6.0 dedicated to the jewelry with the best cost / performance ratio.

For owners of the Rhino6.0 licence.

Manufacturer: Logis3D
Catalogue no.: PRO-J6.0

995.00 EUR

1 203.95 EUR incl. VAT

RhinoPRO-J consists of professional plug-ins PavetoolJ-ToolsAdvancedTools and GrabTools for modeling and 3D printing with Rhinoceros 6.0, 64-bit, with advanced features, designed and developed in collaboration with the largest jewelery brand.

Free personalised online tutorial is provided with each licence.

J-Tools contains a set of features dedicated to the world of jewelry that automate complex model features in a simple and fast way.

Pavetool is a plug-in for embedding of precious stones with a wide range of advanced editing tools for stones, brands and upgrade that revolutionizes the concept of stone setting.

AdvancedTools adds new advanced modeling capabilities with which to design a high design content models.

GrabTools is a professional plug-in that allows quick and easy creation of supports to move from 3D modeling to the Rapid Prototyping with rapid prototyping systems for stereolithography.




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