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VANS20 3D Printer

VANS20 3D Printer
VANS20 3D Printer VANS20 3D Printer VANS20 3D Printer VANS20 3D Printer

We are introducing a breakthrough compact light-curing LCD 3D printer. Thanks to its compact size, it can be placed on a worktable while the printing results are able to compete standard models.

The M.PR.VAN20 3D printer is based on the LCD stereolithography technology.

It excels in high resolution and due to the ability to cure very thin layers it can achieve unprecedented level of details. The printing thickness can be as low as 0.02 mm. The efficient light cures each layer individually. The platform is then lifted and the printer can go on with another layer.

Manufacturer: Yihui Casting
Catalogue no.: M.PR.VAN20

656.57 EUR

794.45 EUR incl. VAT


1. Own R&D, advanced operation interface, easy to use

2. High resolution (47μm), 4 times SLA

3. Many other machines apply open source system in the market, while VANSHAPE use self-developed 3D Creator system

4. Powerful support setting function, thickness and any angle can be adjusted as you request

5. Automatic support, full base to improve printing success ratio

6. One button cleaning tray function, no need to worry about residues after printing

7. Compatible with many 3D softwares on the market as well as third-party slicing software

8. Sheet metal machine body, stable structure, easy to disassemble

9. Full color touch screen, fast, efficient, intelligent, one-click upgrade to have the latest version

10. The panel is a consumable part. We use a new structure for quick replacement of the panel and time efficiency

11. Perfect panel protection to avoid frequent replacement and save cost

Technical Parameters






3.5" color touch screen


XY resolution


47μm (2560 * 1440)


Z resolution


20 μm - 50 μm 


Printing speed


20 mm/hour


Printing area


120 mm (L) * 70 mm (W) * 120 mm (H)


Layer thickness


25 μm - 100 μm


Light source


UV light (405 nm)


Operation system


WINDOWS 7 or above




Photopolymer, casting resin

Rated Power

90 W




U key, Wifi




LCD Stereo Lithography Apparatus


Slice software


3D Creator Slicer

Machine size

215 * 225 * 380 mm


Packing size


365 * 310 * 465 mm


Packing weight


12 kg


Net weight


7.4 kg




Filigree support


Rated power


220 V


Output power


12 V - 10 A



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