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ABOUT US - jng technology

ABOUT US - jng technology

The very beginning of the company dates back to 1863 when the goldsmith community granted family Novák a permission to conduct a jeweller trade.

The tradition was picked up by their son Alfons Novák who carried on the business with his wife Marie in the town of Prostějov. After he died, the business was taken over by Marie who sent their son to study secondary school of applied arts in Turnov. In 1950s, the trade of family Novák was forcibly interrupted by nationalization of their workshop and retail shop. Their son Jiří, however, did not go off the jewellery and he kept at the profession despite the hard times. After completion of the same school of applied arts in Turnov, the baton was picked up by Jiří Novák Jr. In late 1980s, when conditions for private enterprises started to loosen, Jiří fully re-established both the production and retail.

Beginning with 1988, he pursues production and retail activities; starting from 1992, he extends the business also to wholesale. Step by step he builds his company, recruits new employees and expands technological background of the production. In 2008, after thorough research of the market and available technologies, he completely reorganises the processes in order to require minimum labour and ensure high quality of final jewels. Apart from gold and silver, he also processes platinum and manufactures small-sized products and accessories from copper and brass.

He is not reluctant to share his experience with other colleagues from the industry which results in the decision to extend the activities by sale of specialized machinery. Mr Jiří Novák and his brand JNG Technology is the official distributor of products by Yihui Casting, Hispana and 3D Systems and of Rhino PRO-J.



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